Does your fur-iend need a wardrobe update but you just don’t have it in the budget to buy them a new pair of pants? We have the solution for you! Homemade doggy bows. If reading isn’t your thing because…. words. We have a video tutorial at the end of the blog. *High five to my visual learners, words are hard.

We decided that our doggos (all 5 of them collectively) needed to be just a tad more sophisticated than the other dogs. We created a couple of different sizes in dog bows for the following breeds:

  • Husky (Julius)
  • Border Collie (Athena)
  • Pomapoo (Theodore)
  • Corgi (Dexter & Neal)

To get started on your doggy bows, you will need the following SIMPLE supplies:

Sewing is an option that’s also more sustainable than stapling. You’ll use the same template even if you sew the bows, so feel free to follow along, and anywhere you see glue, replace it with needle and thread!

Step 1:

Start by cutting your desired fabric into a rectangle, in this case, we are making a bow for Julius the Husky so we will start with an 8.5 x 11 piece of fabric (or the size of a sheet of paper to make it easier).

Recommended measurements for bows:
These measurements can be adjusted to better fit your pawsome furr-iend. Keep in mind if your pet has a lot of chest fluff you may want to opt for a larger bow. The larger measurement is for the main component of the bow. The smaller measurement is for the center piece of the bow

  • XLarge – 7 x 14
  • Large – 6 x 12
  • Medium – 4 x 8 (Neal and Dexter are sporting medium bows)
  • Small – 3 x 6

Step 2:

Fold the fabric in half horizontally (or “hot dog” style) to create a center crease.

Using the center crease as a guide for the middle point, fold your fabric ends to meet in the middle. Hot glue the seam (don’t worry, this will be the back of the bow, any mistakes will be covered.

Once your seam is secure fold the fabric vertically (or “hamburger” style) to create a center crease.

Using the center crease as a guide, fold the two ends inward until they meet in the middle, then glue the seam to ensure everything stays in place.

Step 3:

It’s time to create the pleats in your bow!

At the center seam, fold the fabric (longways) like an accordion (just like making a paper fan). Add hot glue between each fold to hold your bow together. Congratulations, you’re half way through the tutorial.

Step 4:

Using a scrap piece of fabric of the same pattern its time to create the centerpiece of the bow.

Place the scrap piece of fabric ‘good side’ facing down. Fold the fabric into thirds (it doesn’t need to be perfect.) Glue the seam to secure the fabric (you should have a rectangle strip at this point.)

Starting from the back of the bow secure with a dot of glue and wrap the fabric around the center of the bow tie. Cut it to fit so the ends meet at the back of the bow tie. Secure with another dot of glue.

Step 5:

LAST STEP!! To Finish off the bow tie cut a piece of elastic to smaller than the diameter of your pup’s collar. Secure the ends with a dot of hot glue to create a loop. Then, glue the seam of the loop to the back of the bow tie center. Allow the glue to dry and cool.

Ta-da! You’ve DIY’d your very own dapper dog bows. It’s time to bust out the yummy treats and have a photoshoot!