No surprise is a surprise without being showered with balloons and confetti!

Whether its birthdays, New Year or any celebration balloons add excitement to any occasion. A fun activity for kids to help put together, and an even more exciting experience to see the guest of honor greeted with a shower of balloons and confetti.

Without further adeiu, lets build a balloon drop in 5 easy steps!

Materials :

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Step 1:

Start by cutting your table cloth in half. Hole punch or cut small slits along the sides where you cut it.

Step 2:

Weave the string or yarn between the holes to ‘sew’ the tablecloth back together.

Loosely tape the end of the string to the end of the tablecloth to secure it in place ensuring the seam doesn’t unravel. You wouldn’t want your balloons to release too early!

With the opposite end, be sure to leave at least a yard of the string so you can pull and later release the balloons.

Step 3:

Using the tape secure both sides fo the tablecloth to the ceiling. Don’t pull the table cloth taught. Leave some slack in the center allowing the tablecloth to billow. This is where you’ll place your balloons and confetti.

Step 4:

Blow up all your balloons and place them between the table cloth and ceiling.

If you’re having a hard time keeping your balloons in place you can cut and extra piece of tablecloth and tape it to either of the tablecloth side opposite of the pull string to create a barricade.

Step 5:

Enjoy!! When the guest of honor arrives or the clock strikes midnight, pull the loose string along the seam of the table cloth and watch the balloons drop! Don’t forget to get your camera ready to take pictures.

With a few inexpensive supplies you can make a last minute easy and inexpensive DIY Balloon Drop for any occasion.