TIMBERRRRRR!!! Jenga one of my favorite games as a kid for its quick game play and unlimited number of players. Learn how to make your own giant Jenga the perfect game for any backyard bbq.

Giant Jenga is the perfect “wood-working” project for any beginner looking to work with power tools. Giant Jenga is a super easy project! You can complete the project in a few hours using new 2″x4″ pine boards or recycled scrap 2″x4″ boards from other projects.

Even better! You can make the entire game for less than $30 if you already have the power tools! Purchasing a pre-made Giant Jenga set could potentially set you back a Benjamin or two!

Materials & Tools:

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NOTE: If you don’t have a miter saw, you can opt to use a hand saw. Another option is to rent the power tools from your local big-box store for a few hours. Big-box stores will cut down your wood pieces, but many have a limit of a 12″ cut. I had my local big box store cut my pieces down to 42″ boards for easy loading in and out of the car!

Step 1: Measure 10 ½” pieces

For my visual ladies. Each 8′ board will yield 9 pieces.

Grab your measuring tape and pencil. Using your pencil mark as you measure out 10 ½” pieces on the 2″x4″ pine boards.

Each pine board will yield 9 pieces with an excess nub at the end. Save these pieces for a scrap wood project some other time!

Step 2: Cut 54 Jenga pieces

It’s time to bust out those power tools!

I am no professional wood carpenter or woodworker. I’m your average little lady who is in fact a nurse and does absolutely nothing related to woodworking. That being said, if I can do use a miter saw you can to! Don’t be afraid of power tools just make sure you take the correct safety precautions and you’ll be good to go.

Once you’ve measured out all the boards it is time to get to sawing.

Using the miter saw cut the boards into 10 ½” Jenga pieces. You will end up with 54 pieces.

Step 3: Sand the Jenga pieces

Splinters are the absolute worst!

It’s time to sand sand sand! Using either a palm sander, benchtop belt sander, or sanding block get to work on smoothing out those Jenga pieces.

Step 4: Play Jenga

3 Easy steps and you are ready to play Jenga. Stack the Jenga pieces in rows of 3 alternating the direction of each layer.


Giant Jenga is a fun and easy project. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the miter saw. It’s a fun project for an afternoon with a couple friends or family. Even better, you can finish the project in a few short hours and play Jenga while having an afternoon backyard BBQ.

Even more fun!

Are you looking for additional ways to make the original game of Giant Jenga even more fun? Change up the classic tumbling tower game with a few additional tweaks.

“Tipsy Topple”:

This game is for my of age drinking friends! Turn the classic game of Jenga into a drinking game, if that is your cup of tea.

Achieve this by using a 3″ Forstner drill bit. Using a power drill, create a flat bottomed hole in the 2″x4″ Jenga pieces. These holes will be large enough to house, you guessed it, Jello shots! If this sounds like more work than you’d like to take on, this game is available for purchase.

Throw ‘n Go Jenga“:

A variation from the original game of Jenga. This version is easy to accomplish with a few coats of paint in some of your favorite colors.

You will need 6 paint colors, or 5 if you’d like to leave one side of the dice the natural wood color.

Using a 4″x4″ block, paint each side a different color. Using the same six colors, paint the Jenga pieces. You will end up with 9 Giant Jenga pieces in each color.

Are you feeling adventurous? Combine all the different games into one Jenga set and play all the variations together! Head into the backyard, throw a few steaks, burgers, hotdogs, and wings on the grill. Have a fantastic evening with family and friends playing your newly made Giant Jenga!