I’ve made three balloon garlands in the past year, so I’m practically a pro party planner, lol. Balloon garlands are a great way to make a statement at any party.

I have two simple methods to make balloon garlands, and I promise ANYONE can make a beautiful garland in less than 1-2 hours. The hardest part is tying the balloons! Great news; latex balloons are inexpensive, making this project a massive bang for your buck.

How I made a balloon garland

Balloon garlands are simple to make and require a minimal amount of supplies.

Something to note is the balloon garland will need to be hung using command hooks, string, or nails. The balloons are filled with room air and won’t float, but the garland will last at least a week if not longer.

Save yourself the stress and create the balloon garland a few days in advance!

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Balloon Garland Materials

  • Balloon Pump
    The BEST $15 I’ve spent in my life. Inflating balloons take a few minutes and my cheeks are not in pain.
  • Balloon Tape or String
    Balloon ‘tape’ is not actually tape, it is not sticky but is actually a strip with precut holes. You simply slip the tied knot of the filled balloon into the strip.
  • Command Hooks
    You’ll need to secure the garland to the wall or ceiling. I use command hooks because they’re easy to remove and leave your walls damage free!
  • Latex balloons
    You’ll want to get more balloons than you think in a variety of colors to match your theme. A varies of balloon sizes is ideal as it provides more variation.

How to Make a Balloon Garland

Alright, time for the fun part! It’s not hard, I promise! Here’s how to DIY your own Balloon Garland

Step 1: Cut balloon tape or string to size

Give yourself a little bit of wiggle room. If your string or tape is too long in the end, you can always snip off the extra piece.

Step 2: Inflate the balloons

Inflate the balloons with different amounts of air, so you have lots of colors and sizes. Don’t worry about having the same number of balloons in the same size; variation is good. The more random, the better the balloon garland will turn out!

Step 3: Build the balloon garland

There are two methods you can use to make the balloon garland. Many people like to make balloon garlands using the balloon tape method. I prefer the string method because it allows me to move balloons around and is more secure. I’ll walk you through both!

Balloon tape method: There’s no rhyme or reason, and the best way to make a beautiful garland is to eyeball it. Using the balloon tape, grab a balloon and slip the tied end into the precut hole.

It works best if you use every other hole. The balloons may not fit into every hole. Continue this until your balloon garland is full and to your liking.

String method: I like to tie each end of the string to door the door knobs in the room. This allows me to better visualize the entire garland and makes tying the balloons onto the string easier.

Cut a handful of short strings approximately 4 inches. These strings will be used to attach the balloons to the garland string.

Go crazy tying all the balloons onto the garland string! I have no rhyme or reason as to where I tie the balloons onto the string. I eyeball it and will slide balloons or add balloons into areas as I feel the need.

Step 4: Attach Command Hooks

If you don’t have something to tie your balloon garland to (ie. staircase rail, mantle, etc.) secure command hooks to the wall and/or ceiling. It’s that easy!

Step 5: Hang up the balloon garland

This balloon garland was attached using string tied to the staircase railing!

Grab string and attach your balloon garland using the command hooks.

Some tutorials instruct you to use hot glue or glue dots to attach smaller balloons to the larger balloons. I wouldn’t suggest hot glue as you’ll run the risk of popping your balloons. I’ve used glue dots previously, but I don’t find it necessary as the balloon garland looks full without gluing additional ballons.

The upside to using the string method is if an area of your garland appears ‘bald’ you can easily squeeze in an extra balloon.

Balloon Garland Ideas

Gold, silver, white and clear confetti balloons make a perfect holiday balloon garland! This particular balloon garland was attached using command hooks and string.

Balloon garlands can easily be coordinated to match the theme of any party! Here are some color combinations ideas for events

  • Bridal shower/New Years: white, champagne, gold, clear
  • Girl baby shower: peach, shades of pink, white, and rose gold
  • Boy baby shower: shades of blue, white, and silver
  • Jungle theme: shades of green, white, and gold – add leaves for a bit of character
  • Ice Cream theme: pastel shades, white, rose gold